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Private Lessons

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Private Lesson | In a group environment, a student may become lost, disinterested or even fearful. However, in a one on one personal lesson, they will not feel intimidated by other, more experienced students and can progress at their own pace while building rapport and trust in their own personal instructor.

Lessons will allow one to express their concerns, thoughts and feelings on a personal level. The ability to confide in their instructor will give them the ability to work through obstacles and grow mentally and physically stronger in martial arts while having a fantastic role model to guide them through their formative years.

Private lesson can be arranged with the head instructor at any point in time. In these private lessons, the Sihing (eldest brother) and student will train at the student’s pace and in either the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels in our
martial arts curriculum. Some of the benefits of private lessons include:

  • Developing confidence for group instruction
  • Preparing for tournaments or examinations
  • Improving one’s technique, forms, or sparring
  • Personalized self-defense instruction
  • Direct corrections and explanations

If you would like to schedule a private lesson, please notify me at least 48 hours in advanced. Payment of lesson is due right after lesson is done. You may call (813) 922-8261 or email me at tamapkungfu@gmail.com for more info.

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