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Ip Ching/Ip Chun

founding member of Wing Chun Athletic Association, current teaching students in Hong Kong and at father’s house.

Ip Chun

-began studying Wing Chun with his father when he was seven years old
-in Hong Kong, Ip worked during the day and practiced Wing Chun in the evening with his father
-in 1965, Ip participated in the affairs of the Wing Chun Athletic Association (WCAA) and became one of its founding members
-currently teaches five days and two nights a week at the Wing Chun Athletic Association
-consulted on the 2008 biopic film, Ip Man; made a special appearance as Leung Bik (son of Leung Jan) in Ip Man, the Legend is Born; made a cameo appearance in another Ip Man: the Final Fight

Ip Ching

-started training along side his brother in Wing Chun at a young age.
-he currently lives and teaches in the same building where his father taught
-before his father passed away, he and his brother filmed their father doing the forms for posterity’s sake