ICMAC 2017 was held at the Rosen Plaza July 1-2. For nearly two decades now this has been one of the premier Chinese martial arts tournaments in North America.

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This year’s ICMAC tournament was as a huge success for Tampa Wing Chun. All of the hard work put in definitely paid off. 3 of the 4 competitors have never fought before so this was as a new experience and an eye-opener for everyone.

This year, 3 students competed in the full-contact Sanda which resulted in a title belt and 2 bronze medals. In Chi Sao, there were 2 competitors resulting in gold, 1 gold in Wing Chun forms and 2 gold, 1 silver in Continuous Sparring.

This is a huge stepping stone for our students. They are hungry for the next competition and we are currently training for any opportunity to spar again.







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