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Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

2 Week Free Trial!



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Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu-Sifu Och-Sifu Brumfield

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Saturday 9 AM

Our Mission | We are dedicated to teaching you how to defend yourself & your family against attackers or bullies. In the interim, you will gain confidence, increase self-respect, boost your cardio and have fun in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu.

You will learn the Simplistic & Direct nature of Wing Chun thru our Practical, Realistic training regimen. You will learn the value in Economy of Movement, without the use of Brute Strength all while staying within the traditional confines of Wing Chun’s Center Line Theory.

why Tampa Wing CHun?


Choosing a martial art school is always a big decision. At the end of the day, it’s all about what’s important to you. Here’s a short ABC list of what you would expect at Tampa Wing Chun:

A | Our classes are geared towards strengthening one’s self-confidence and cardio. We will build you up as you progress through the planes of development in our Wing Chun system. Previous knowledge of any martial art or fighting experienced is not necessary or required.
B | We do not do any flashy or aerial acrobatic moves one may see in mainstream TV and film. We’re here to help you achieve your goals in self-defense, overall health and improved reaction in realistic situation.
C | Anyone can learn Wing Chun regardless of gender, age or size. Sheer power and force can be easily overcome by redirecting energy and aggressive attacks. So there is no need to feel intimidated or inadequate.

Featured Programs

Adult Wing Chun
Children’s Self-Defense
Private Lessons

Private LEssons

In a group environment, a student may become lost, disinterested or even fearful. However, in a one on one personal lesson, they will not feel intimidated by other, more experienced students and can progress at their own pace while building rapport and trust in their own personal instructor.

Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu


is important. It’s the history behind our martial arts. Knowing where you come from is great but in the end, it’s not going to help or assist you in a fight. If you get into a situation when your life or a love one is in danger, simply put, your lineage means absolutely nothing.


I am a 4th generation instructor in the Ip Man lineage. My Sifu (Justin Och) was taught in the Moy Yat, Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Simon Lau techniques. He has travelled extensively seeking out more knowledge in Wing Chun, specifically from Wong Shun Leung’s students. We increase our Wing Chun knowledge database by refining and redefining techniques. I have not and will never buy my way into any well-known sifu’s organization for the sake of affiliation or a want to belong. The knowledge I have gained is thru my merit and hard work only.

Furthermore, my lineage, like anyone else’s stems from the same origins. Wing Chun practitioners just have different interpretations on execution of the forms and how we fight.  What really matters though is how effective are our interpretations in a fighting situation. We can interpret all we want but applying them is a whole different monster. Also, what works for a bigger person, may not necessarily work for smaller one. And lastly, knowing Wing Chun is not the same as practicing and applying it. You may know how to read but if comprehension of what you read is much different.

4x Lineage Certified as a Black Sash Sifu under the Ip Man lines of Moy Yat, Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Simon Lau

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