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14 December, 2013

Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu: Multiple Attackers using Wing Chun

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Since I only have knowledge and experience in Wing Chun, I’m only giving advice on Multiple Attackers from that point of view. If anyone would like to share their experience or add to this article, by all means, do so. – Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

What do you do when you are suddenly met by more than one attacker? What is the best self-defense to use? There are so many questions that may come about in a confrontation that could possibly involve your life or your loved one(s). So what’s the best possible solution in a real life situation like this?

Tampa-Wing-Chun-Kung-Fu-SparringOne important aspect to be aware of is your surroundings. It’s important not to be be too caught up in what you are doing especially if you’re texting or talking on your phone. Always check your peripherals. Look around ever so often and if you can help it, do not walk around by yourself. This is especially important since the re-emergence of the punk-ish “Knockout” Game.  I’m not asking you to be in a constant state of paranoia but there are many people out there who simply do not care and are willing to be a detriment to you, your family or friends. So in  other words, if you care about your safety, just be aware of your surroundings.


Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Multiple Attacker’s Video. Subscribe to his channel @ Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu. Click the picture to go to his YouTube channel.

If it does come to a point when you are being attacked by more than one person, it’s important to stay aggressive in whatever you do. One person simply does not have the advantage in any fight against more than one attacker.   Because one attacker is trying to get behind you to attempt to hold you or take you down, it becomes very essentialfor you to take out one attacker with a crushing blow that can allow you to move on to the next person. If one attacker is close to you, this can be done by a half-crescent kick to the attacker’s knee. And this should be an aggressive, thrusting kick to the leg. You absolutely cannot hold back with any attacks. Once you are on the offensive, it’s important to stay aggressive. If you are able to connect with this kick then follow up with a flurry of center-line or chain punches towards the attacker’s face and chest areas. 

In all, in whatever level of Wing Chun you are at in your training, keep the pressure on your attackers. Once you have them down, then you must run and get away as soon as possible. Do not try to be the hero. Get help, call the authorities or leave.  

Check out this Sifu Och Wing Chun Instagram Link to see me doing light sparring against two attackers

Check out Sifu Och’s Multiple Attackers video by clicking here.  Please subscribe to his YouTube channel as well.

Any person who truly trains hard in any martial arts can use their techniques to fight off an attacker. 

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