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Schedule | Currently our classes are offered four (4) times a week. We offer a combination of basic Wing Chun classes for beginners as well as classes for students who have progressed and tested through our curriculum.
Here’s our current schedule:

MondaySparring5:15 PM6:20 PM
MondayWing Chun6:45 PM8:30 PM
WednesdaySparring5:15 PM6:20 PM
Wednesday Wing Chun6:45 PM8:30 PM
SaturdayWing Chun7:00 AM8:30 AM
SundayWing Chun9:00 AM10:30 AM
Sunday Sparring10:45 AM11:30 AM

We are pleased to have you join us in training Wing Chun. Whether you joined for yourself, your teenager or a friend, we are sure that you will get both enrichment and enjoyment from the experience. Your journey towards your goal, whatever it may be, has just begun. Along the way you can expect to learn much more than learning about self-defense. You’ll begin to learning more about yourself and those around you as well.